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DL5200-7 Strengthen Laminator
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Type£ºDL5200-7 Strengthen card laminator


Application range£ºSuitable for personal card manufacturer of RFID label cards,IC,ID inlay cards,second generation ID cards and other superior cards,bank cards,bus cards,highway cards,social security cards,etc.

  • Features:
  • ¡ñ Adopts PLC industrial automation system;

    ¡ñ Powerful PLC software with fault alarm & fault recording functions,more humane;

    ¡ñ Adopts PID automatic tuning technique to track and control temperature dynamically and keep uniform termerature;

    ¡ñ  International HROA standard cylinders with diameter of 220mm;

    ¡ñ The hydraulic system is with the variable fluid technology;

    ¡ñ  Imported aluminum alloy is adopted for fast heating of hot tower & non-rusty cold tower;

    ¡ñ Equipped with automatic high and low pressure oil return, meanwhile automatic pressure relief, manual pressure relief devices are designed for more humanized operation;

    ¡ñ  Photoelectric switches are adopted to realize tiny pressure lamination and multilevel pressure control, which reduce chip rejection rate effectively;

    ¡ñ Designed with seven daylights,increasing 20% card productivity more than laminator with five daylights & achieving faster heating speed and better quality;

    ¡ñ CE standard machine with full-closed thermal insulation cabinet is designed for safe operation.

  • Model DL5200-7

    Cooling Method Water Cooling

    Heating Method Electric Heating

    Pressure Stages Heating 12 stages/cooling 5 stages

    Pressure Precision Ê¿0.1 MPa

    Temperature Precision 0-200¡æ    Ê¿1£¨¡æ£©

    Plate Smoothness Ê¿0.05mm

    Laminating Plate Aluminum Alloy

    Hydraulic Cylinder 1

    Pressure 0-16Mpa

    Platen Size 420mm¡Á520mm

    Opening 7

    Opening Space 50mm

    Plate thickness 45mm

    Electric 380V ,50/60HZ, 26 KW

    Dimension L2300mm¡ÁW800mm¡ÁH1800mm

    Weight 2,600 KGS

    Output >6,000 cards/hour

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