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Magnetic Stripe Bonding Machine
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Product Details

Model Number:DL-BCJ

1: Full automatic;
2: Fed with rolled overlay;
3: magnetic striped overlay could be made by sheet or roll

Automatic Multifunctional Magnetic Stripe Bonding Machine

1.The system is automatically controlled by PLC and operated on touch screen human-machine inter face.
2.Feed sending by driven servo-motor, which controls running speed and the length of the feeding film both speed and length are adjusted.
3.Several groups roller impact the structure, the pressure of the cylinder can be adjusted to insure the covered film is parallel and orderliness.
4.The motivity for the film cutting is driven by cylinder, with simple structure and good working state.
5.The recycling system recycles the magnetic stripe foil automatically.
6.Use barometric pressure spindle material loading and unloading system, it is convenient to load and upload material.
7.Heating temperature controlling method£ºuse the heater to heat up and the imported thermocouple cooperating with temperature controller to control the temperature£¬it is easy to set and the temperature controller is precise.
8.The temperature and pressure of each magnetic laying head can be adjusted solely.
9.Use automatic tension control system to send feeds, so that conveying of film can be stable.
10.It realizes the processing of coil film to sheet material or sheet material to sheet material stripe laying.

Power source AC 380V/50 HZ
Available material Accord with ISO/IEC7811 high density and lower density magnetic stripe
Air source 6 kg/c((no water)
Stripe width 12.7mm 6.35mm plate dia.380mm
Total power 8.5K
Magnetic Roll 5~9 rolls
Temperature control range 0-400(adjustable)
Available sheet 3*7, 3*8, 3*9, 4*7, 4*8, 4*9, 5*5 or other format in your order
Temperature control precision ¡À2
Available material

Film sheet: thickness0.25~0.8mm, Max.width: 580mm

Coil film£ºthickness0.04-0.2mm

inner diameter:3 inches; outer diameter less than 20 inches

Laying precision ¡À0.15mm
Overall dimension L2850*W1200*H1800mm
Weight Approx.1500Kg
Operator 1 person

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