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Plastic Card Laminating Machine DL-520A
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Product features:

Dl-520A Plastic Card Laminating Machine is a new generation of PVC laminating machine. It is difficult to effectively control the waste product rate, the complicated operation of workers and the difficult process to master.It is also a professional PVC card laminating machine developed by the company and card factory for making second-generation id CARDS, bank CARDS, public traffic card, expressway, social security CARDS and other professional CARDS.Simple and intuitive human - machine interface is adopted for convenient operation.International standard oil cylinder, ensure pressure balance, low noise, low vibration.The main girder and hot pressing plate are made of ductile iron casting technology, which ensures that they never deform.Seiko manufacturing, beautiful and generous appearance, for large companies to standardize workshop standards preferred products.
Technical parameters:
Machine model DL-520A Plastic Card Laminating Machine
Main screen size imports 5.7 inch color screen
Control mode PLC
Refrigeration water cycle refrigeration
Electric heating by heating
Pressure level hot machine pressure level 5, cold machine pressure level 1
Temperature accuracy and 2 (¡æ)
Feeding device manual feeding
Heating plate material aluminum plate
The thickness of the pressing plate is 50mm
The opening thickness is 60mm
Hydraulic cylinder number of single cylinder
Laminar board width 420mm * 520mm
The maximum width of the material is 400mm * 520mm
The number of laminated layers is five or seven
Voltage 380V 50HZ/ 22KW
Product size: 2300mm * 630mm * 1650mm
Machine weight 2.8t
Special function: high pressure automatic oil return, photoelectric switch control heat machine die
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