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Card Punching Machine(Five mold) DL-5Y
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The product name:DL-5Y Five Card Punching Machine


1. Electric Photo Eye to control position.

2. Stable of import hydraulic pressure or Motor Punching Preussre, save power and high speed.

3. High technology with production, easy to check if have problem.

4. PLC control so that easy to operate machine.

5. Punching mold made of import Japanese iron, high quality.

6.Can also be used for punch plastic cards and paper card and aluminium foil and other mateials.

7. With professional high sensitivity photoelectric device reads the positioning identification sign, accurate and reliable. Imported hydraulic pump, low noise, large flow. The hydraulic oil cylinder, smooth cutting, low noise.

Technical Parameters:


DL-5Y Five Card Punching Machine

Suitable for

PVC¡¢ABS¡¢PET¡¢PETG¡¢Teslin Card ¡¢Paper card

Punching Size

85.6¡Á53.9mm (International credit card size)

Feeding size

A4£¨210¡Á297mm£©or A3+ (5¡Á2  5¡Á3  5¡Á4  5¡Á5)

Punching Thickness


Punching Mold

5 die  punch 5pcs card per time

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