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PVC Coated overlay for Digital
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Item NO.: CO-D

Product name: Coated overlay for digital printing

Product description: the main elements of electronic ink for rigid PVC film and waterborne polyurethane adhesive, digital printing and PVC slice has a good echo effect. (PVC digital printing sheet: HP Indigo, Konica Minolta Konica Minolta, MGI, Fuji Xerox Xerox digital printing machine printing, such as PVC electronic digital printing ink material)
Product features: high peel strength, adhesive, good adhesive strength, resistance to yellowing, strong adaptability for UV ink, good chemical stability, laminating deformation, surface smooth, adhesion, easy to use.
Product manufacturing method: adhesive surface itself and printed PVC cover alignment, in a laminating machine laminated, temperature (130 ¡æ -- 130 ¡æ), specific process parameters should be adjusted according to equipment and core material by the customer themselves. Card are removed.
Technical features: digital printing is suitable for PVC.
Appearance: transparent film, flat surface clean, no obvious mechanical impurities and uneven.
Thickness: 0.04 mm / 0.06 mm / 0.08 mm / 0.1 mm
Vicat: 72 + 2 ¡æ (uncoated) thin film
Laminating temperature: 120 ¡æ ~ 150 ¡æ
Storage conditions: pressure, dry, ventilation, dust prevention, prevent bask in; Light light discharge, room temperature preservation, stacking height is less than one meter.
Protect quality period: 12 months
Specification: A4, A3, A3 + (special specifications can be ordered)
Packing: bubble wrap or paper box, fumigation-free pallet and cover plate, plastic packing belt
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