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HF 13.56Mhz inlay / Mifare 1k S50 inlay / S70
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1.Smart Inaly, RFID card
2.Contactless Card
3. Proximity Inlay
4. Mifare Inlay, EM Inlay
We could develop any size and shape of antenna that can be adapted to the specific requirements of the customer.Customers can also select different sheet formats such as 3x7, 5x5,3x8,4x8,4x6,2x5,2x4,4*5 or other customized layouts.
To facilitate card production, our prelam come with trimmed reference edges and optional printed cross marks and registration holes.Reliability, durability and prefect electrical performance,compliant with divers standards.

Applications of RFID inlay:
The inlay/prelam is ideal semi-products for laminating contactless card,tag applications such as automated fare collection,access control, ePayment and identification.

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