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RFID Epoxy Tag
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Item NO.: RFID-T-E

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Cheap ntag203 nfc epoxy tags waterproof  is a paper or PET base  tag with printing silver antenna  on it. It is double coated antenna with patent technology, to strength the performance.single layer base,and no need to produce inlay.It is a real label.NFC epoxy tag can be applied to liquid bottles and drug packages, also library,asset tracking or personal information management.

cheap ntag203 nfc epoxy tags waterproof:

Part Number


Supported Standard

ISO14443-type A & 15693-2,-3

Recommended Operating frequency

13.56 MHz

Passive Resonance Frequency (at +25)

13.56 MHz ¡À 200kHz

Typ. Required activation field strength read (at +25)

94 dB¦ÌA/m#

Typ. Required activation field strength write (at +25)


Memory (user programmable)

512 bits - 32k bits

Typical programming cycles(at +25)


Data retention time (at +55)

10 years

Simultanceous ldentification of Tags

Up to 50 tags(reader/antenna dependent)

Antenna size


nfc epoxy tag size


nfc epoxy tag Thickness

Chip: 0.18mm

label base: 0.15mm

Antenna: 6¦Ìm

nfc tag Base material


Antenna: silver

Smallest bending radius allowed

18mm (~0.71 in)

Operating temperature

-25 to+70

Storage temperature (single label)

-40 to +85

Storage temperature (on reel)

-40 to + 40


Single row tape wound on carboard reel with 76.2mm  diameter

Reel outer diameter: approx 180mm

Typical quantity of good units per reel


nfc epoxy tag Chip:
NXP Mifare S50 1K / NXP Mifare 4K S70
Mifare Ultralight / Mifare Ultralight C / Ntag203
NXP Mifare ICODE SLI-L (512 bit)
infenon m-ydmove  MINI
Alien H3(G2-XM)/H4for UHF  NXP I CODE 2  Size: 30*35,  18*28,  86*54, 13*16,  100*8,  10*30,  76.2*25.4,  100*45,  25*15,    ¦Õ25,  ¦Õ30,  ¦Õ24/customized   nfc epoxy tag Application:
Mobile phones
Ticketing & monetary transactions
E-Payment,Mobile payment, PayPal, Google Wallet, Ticketing, Boarding pass,
Tour guide, Turnstiles, Vender, Parking meters,
Loyalty system for promotion, etc.
Gaming & toys

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