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Woolen Laminating Pad
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Item NO.: LP-W

Woolen Laminating Pad

Material: Mat made of natural wool, and use fulling wool characteristics bonded by machine (non interweave).

Wool products feature: Sealing effect is good, strong shock resistance, has a certain buffer, absorbing water absorption can also be treated to prevent oil waterproof, does not differ from fluff drag hair, processed product specification standard does not differ from deformation, long wear and high-temperature durability life


1 piece laminating pad is used both at the bottom and top while lamination to ensure balance temperature and pressure. High temperature resistances, high pressure resistance, heat quickly and evenly, improve the card quality. Laminated pad has two types, silicone wool pad and a rubber cushion, etc.


1.High temperature resistance,high pressure resistance
2.Heat quickly and evenly
3.Silicone wool pad and a rubber cushion

Size:210mm*297mm /310mm*480mm and other special specification is available

Thickness: 4.5-5mmpecification standard does not differ from deformation, long wear and high-temperature durability life.

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