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PVC No-Laminating sheet - silver
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Item NO.: NLS-S

Product name: PVC No-Laminating Card Materials(silver)

Product number: PVC - M - 3 silver (not laminated)

The component of product: a set of 3 (0.15 print material + 0.46 + 0.15 print material in white standard thickness = 0.76 mm)

Product specification: 200 mm * 300 mm

Product packaging: 50 sets of carton, 10 box/box.

Remark: pure transparent printing material is PVC, the material is silver on both sides.

Product usage: mainly used for rapid, simple and easy fabrication, not laminated, encapsulation and after as long as the print card can, is particularly suited to general small and medium-sized small town business card copy shop small batch production PVC card.

Product features:

Ink drying fast, do not come loose in ink, accurate color reproduction, high bond strength, protective film yi jie, pretty good.

Product manufacturing method:
1, the graphic image to print on the "print" to dry ink (5-10 minutes).
2, stripped of protective film on both sides, will print material printing surface combined with material on both sides, in the three layers at the same time in encapsulation machine (temperature is 120-160 degrees).
3, the encapsulation material after cutting with rushed out into card card machine, finally tore to protect film on the surface of the card.

Product storage and shelf life: dry, ventilation, dust, sun protection, nine months shelf life.
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